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[fanfic] KHR: Hospital Visit

Fandom: Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: 8059 (yamagoku)
Rating: NC-17-ish
warnings: gay. *shot* 8D;; some OoCness (IMO, i could be paronoid about my own writing)
Summary: Gokudera notices two things when waking up in the hospital.
comments: Some random fic I pulled together after seeing this here

The first thing Gokudera noticed upon awakening was pain; Pain searing through his right arm, and through much of his upper torso. He instantly found himself wish to pass out again, to escape the pain.
The second thing he noticed changed his mind.
Yamamoto Takeshi was sitting next to his hospital bed, his head buried in his arms, resting his head right next to Gokudera’s legs. How long had that idiot been there? He hated to think he’d been sitting next to him the entire time he was out.
Gokudera weakly kicked a leg to the side and bumped Yamamoto’s head. The black haired boy leapt away almost instantly, and swung his head back at forth,
“Gokudera? Are you awake?” Yamamoto asked bewildered, looking back to his silver haired comrade.
“Tch.” Gokudera looked the other way.
“Haha! You’re alive!” Yamamoto exclaimed, and leapt to his feet and over to Gokudera. Shoving his face into the patient’s, he gently pushed Gokudera's bangs away and kissed his forehead.
“Get offa me.” Gokudera snarled. He would have tried to punch the boy, but his arm would probably fall off, it felt like.
Yamamoto laughed hesitantly. “No can do. Have you seen what you’ve done to yourself?” He ran his fingers lightly across the bloodied bandages over Gokudera’s chest.
The half-Italian boy flinched with pain. “Fuck…” he growled.
Yamamoto pulled his chair up next to Gokudera’s head, and sat back down. “You’ve got to stop doing these things.” He told Gokudera, running his fingers through the other boy’s hair.
“Shut up. I’ll do what I want.” Gokudera said, and tried to move his head out of Yamamoto’s grasp.
Yamamoto frowned. “Do you even remember how this happened?” he asked.
Gokudera’s eyes had wandered to the other side of the room. “I don’t know…” he mumbled, “it’s all a blur. You were there. Juudaime was there. I was there. I saved the day and got hurt. Same as always.”
Yamamoto’s frown deepened. He let out a sigh. “There were four bullets. You took three. But Tsuna took one before you ‘saved the day.’”
“Juudaime what?!” Gokudera shouted and leapt up. Pain surged up through his body and he began coughing uncontrollably.
“Gokudera!” Yamamoto shouted in return, and forced Gokudera back down onto the bed as he coughed up a splatter of blood into his palm.
Yamamoto stood above Gokudera, keeping him pinned to the bed. “Calm down. Tsuna’s fine.”
Gokudera coughed again. “As if! He took a bullet. You’re just tryna keep me still. Where is he?!”
“No I’m not Gokudera! Just calm down or you’re gonna die!” Yamamoto shouted at him. Gokudera shut his mouth as he watched Yamamoto’s eyes water with tears.
The room fell silent for a moment.
Yamamoto seemed to have gotten caught up in his own emotion and had began to let out a waterfall of tears, dripping them onto Gokudera’s injured torso. They didn’t cause him any pain at all though.
“God. Calm down idiot. Didn’t your old man tell you men don’t cry?” Gokudera said, and lifted his left hand up to wipe Yamamoto’s cheek dry. “I’m not dying, okay? A couple bullets never killed me before, won’t kill me now.”
Yamamoto sniffled back and swallowed the rest of his fit.
“You okay now, idiot?” asked Gokudera, his voice finally lower then a shout.
Yamamoto nodded slowly.
“Good.” With that final word, Gokudera grabbed Yamamoto’s shirt collar with his usable arm, and yanked his face down to his, before joined the at the mouth. Yamamoto flinched with surprise, but Gokudera ignore him and forced him closer, heightening the kiss.
Yamamoto began to fall into it, and forced his tongue past Gokudera’s teeth. He was careful no keep himself steady, as to not put any weight on Gokudera’s injuries, but continued to explore the other boys mouth with little concern.
Gokudera pushed them apart as suddenly as he had pulled them together, and Yamamoto was thrown back into his chair. “Gokudera…” he started.
“What? I don’t get a reward for living? Asshole.” He growled, and turned his head away from Yamamoto again, but his face showed a rather triumphant smirk when Yamamoto began carefully crawling back onto the bed with him.
“Klutz. I’m not a girl. You’re not gonna break me.” Gokudera antagonized his partner.
“You’re right, you’re prettier then any girl I’ve ever seen, Gokudera.” Yamamoto pushed the silver hair from his face again.
“God. You are so gay.” Said Gokudera, avoiding eye contact.
Yamamoto just laughed in response, then leaned down and gently ran his lips over Gokudera’s exposed collar bone. The other boy seemed to purr under his touch.
Their lips ran over each others again before being smashed into another sloppy kiss. Yamamoto’s hands searched Gokudera’s body blindly, looking for any part of him that didn’t cause him to be bit on the tongue in response to his partner’ pain. But before he could the both of them were already fully fired up.
Gokudera panted in Yamamoto’s ear as the taller boy ran his hand over his cock, barely covered in the hospital’s plastic garments. He bit his lip a bit, before whispering, “Just get on with it dumbass.”
Yamamoto chuckled, and tore the garments open, freeing Gokudera’s throbbing cock.
“Idiot! You better get me new ones!” Gokudera hissed. Yamamoto didn’t answer, but unzipped his pants to free his own member.
“You’re high if you think that’s going up my ass in this shape.” Gokudera growled, feeling the need to state the obvious to Yamamoto.
Yamamoto gave an acknowledging giggle, then grabbed Gokudera’s cock in hand with his own, and began to roughly jerk them both off.
“FUC—“ Gokudera shoved his left hand over his mouth to silence himself, biting the side of his hand to keep from moaning too loudly.
Yamamoto gasped tightly, and continued his motions, trying to kill his instincts to thrust towards Gokudera. It was rough, and fuck, he didn’t know where his hands had been, except on Gokudera, but he couldn’t hold back a smile as they came in unison.
Yamamoto ended up with most of the come on his shirt, and the rest would be an easy clean up when needed, but for the moment. He collapsed at Gokudera’s side, trying to position himself to fit on the spare bed, without having to move his injured lover.
He watched Gokudera pant softly, and pull his hand away from his mouth to catch his breath properly.
Yamamoto smiled. “I was right. Gokudera is prettier than any girl.”
“Shi—Christ you are gay…” Gokudera sighed.
“Haha. Love you too.” Yamamoto laughed, and snuggled his chin into Gokudera’s shoulder.
He’d clean up before any nurses appeared. Hopefully. For now, this was enough.

[Fanfic] KRH: Farewell, Love Haru

Title: Farewell, Love Haru
Pairing: 2786 (TsuHaru)
Rating: T for i unno. alot of drama and some language
Summary: When Haru dissappears after 4 years of marriage with Tsuna, he never stops looking for her. But it's not until 3 years later that he finds his first clue.
Comment: I dunno if this fits anywhere in particular in the storyline, also, Tsuna's grown up, so he is more mature.

and here it goes


I’m sorry.

I love you.

I’ll always feel you in my heart.

I may never see you again.

I love you. I love love you.


Love, Haru


It had been 4 years since Tsuna had taken Haru’s lovely hand in marriage. They had promised to always be together. No matter what the mafia life threw at them, Tsuna would always watch over and protect his mafia queen. He’d make all her dreams come true.

Haru was such a strong willed woman too. He always believed she could fight her own fights. She would never have to leave him. She would always be his perfect mafia wife.

But now, he clenched in his hands, the words he thought he’d never read. The letter he thought he would never see. He didn’t know whether his tears were from sadness, or rage, or even fear, but he felt them trickle down his cheek, as he tried to convince himself that it was a lie.

“Tsu-kun…?” Kyoko’s voice echoed behind him, as she peaked into the room of her, now disappeared, best friend. “Have you seen Haru-chan? She was supposed to help me with dinner tonight, but she wont pick up her phone.”

The phone she spoke of had been used as a blunt object, to hold down the letter. It was still lying on the table, open, with the letters “Goodbye” typed in English on the screen.

Tsuna clenched the letter again, and then slowly stuffed it into his pocket. “She’s gone.” He said under his breath.

“What do you mean… ‘gone?’” Kyoko asked confused, with a hint of worry to her voice.

Tsuna wiped his sleeve across his face before turning around, though it was completely obvious that he had been shedding tears. “She said she loved me. And then she left.”

Silence fell upon the base as if everyone had heard the voice of their boss from his wife’s tiny room.




That was 3 years ago now. Tsuna had never stopped looking for Haru, he never could, but after the first year, other things had taken precedence, and the mission to find her had been pushed to the sidelines.

There was an ongoing war with a enemy family. The Gabbiano had became a small threat even before Haru’s disappearance, and now the Vongola were on constant alert, feeling they could be attacked at any moment. They knew the only way to stop the enemy would be to attack them first, but they hadn’t managed to pin down the location of the enemy’s base, and could only pick off enemy soldiers who attacked the base. All of whom had either escaped, or committed suicide, before interrogation.

Tsuna sat alone in his office, with only his desk lamp lighting the dim room. His windows had been bolted shut, incase of a enemy smoke bomb attack. The young mafia boss, in his mid-twenties now, had shoved his “important” paper work to the side, and was slumped on his desk, only half awake, scribbling hardly recognizable drawings onto the back of one of his papers.

He hadn’t slept much in the last week—maybe a total of ten hours in the last seven days. So many things had been on his mind: protecting his family, Lambo and I-Pin’s training, the enemy’s attacks, and most of all, Haru’s disappearance.

Tomorrow would mark the calendar with him living an official three years without his perky, excitable, persistent wife. And every year since her disappearance, it marked a terrible day in his life.

The first year, on the anniversary of her disappearance, marked the day of the Gabbiano’s first attack. It was a surprise attack—at four AM. Gokudera had been in the sickbay for months afterwards, riddled with gun shot wounds and multiple broken ribs. Yamamoto had lost his left eye to a gunshot in the same attack. It was a miracle that they both survived.

The second year, an epidemic had washed over the town, and children and teens were most vulnerable. Lambo and I-Pin were both hospitalized outside of the base for two weeks, and Kyoko stayed with them at the hospital with Bianchi and Ryouhei as bodyguards. During the time they were away, the family had lived off of cup noodles, or in most cases, skipped meals.

Now, on the third year, Tsuna expected nothing less then the base exploding, or his men all disappearing like Haru, or worst of all: news on Haru—bad news.

Tsuna dropped his pen and hid his face in his folded arms on his desk. Maybe he could just sleep through the next day. He would wake up and everyone would be fine, and Haru would be back, ready to make breakfast and be his mafia queen again. Just like he dreamed of every night.

“Running away won’t make anything better, Tsuna.” An instructive, male voice said from the office doorway. With a flick of a switch, the chandelier in the room lit up, and Tsuna flinched back from the light, before sitting up and opening his eyes.

Reborn stood at his doorway. No longer the toddler he had grown up with, but six feet of mafia hitman expertise. Even years after Reborn had gained his natural form, Tsuna still couldn’t quite get used to his appearance.

“I know, Reborn. I know.” Tsuna said calmly, then attempted to bury his face from the light again, not wanting to hear another lecture from his tutor.

“Running away won’t bring her back either.” Reborn said with a touch of cruelty to his voice.

Tsuna slammed his palms against the desk as he shot up. “I know that!” He hollered across the room. Papers fluttered down from their stacks and littered the carpet floor.

“You just don’t know what it’s like.” Tsuna mumbled, and flopped back into his chair. He slid open the front drawer of his desk, and pulled out a folded paper—Haru’s note from three years ago. He had never let go of it. “You don’t know how it feels to have to move on through another year without her…”

“That’s only what you think, Tsuna.” Reborn started. Tsuna looked up at him, he’d walked his way into a lecture anyway, but this one seemed to be going somewhere worthwhile. “She may have been your lover, but she was the queen of this family. Everyone here was her family, and they all know what it’s like to have to live without her.”

Tsuna could hear Reborn’s footsteps as he approached the desk, and looked up to his tutor. Just as he did, Reborn jabbed him in the forehead with his finger.

Tsuna fell back in surprise, and managed to take his chair to the ground with him. “Iteei…” he mumbled.

“Recognize that spot Tsuna? That’s where I shot you every day when you were a child.” Reborn said, as he walked towards the exit of the room, “Right in the brain. Try using it.”

Tsuna was left to sit on the floor and think over everything he knew, and everything he should have known.


Tsuna stumbled into the dining hall around seven the night. He couldn’t remember when the last time was he had eaten, but it hadn’t been in the last twenty-four hours, that was for sure. The smell of fried rice hit his nose just as he entered the room, and he found I-Pin and Kyoko setting the table for dinner, with Lambo at the side, picking up pieces of a broken plate, which Tsuna imagined the cow-print kid had dropped himself.

Kyoko and I-Pin looked up to Tsuna as he entered the room. I-Pin was the first to respond with “Sawada-san!” She had an excited glint in her eye, and a smile, as she bowed to his politely, and then bounced to the other side of the kitchen to fetch her wok of fried rice.

“Tsu-kun. You intend to join us tonight?” Kyoko asked. She seemed rather surprised, then her surprised turned to a smile, much like I-Pin’s. “It’s been quite a while.”

Tsuna nodded, almost shyly. He hadn’t had much contact with other humans in the last week. Usually if his stomach had growled, he’d ignore it, or snatch some chips from the kitchen, then continue work.

“The table will be set in a moment. Make your self comfy.” She told him. Tsuna nodded to the young blonde, as she continued her former duties.

Tsuna had been so in love with Kyoko in middle school, and even partially through high school, but Haru had snuck her way into his heart and taken over. “Like a ninja” she would have said.

“It-Itei!” Tsuna heard a muffled cry of pain, and his eyes shot over to Lambo, who was sucking on his finger. He realized the boy must have cut himself on a piece of the plate he was cleaning up.

“Aah Lambo… You’ve got to be more careful. You’re not a little kid anymore.” Tsuna said, and walked over to him. It was true, despite how much Tsuna referred to Lambo as a child, he and I-Pin were 14 now, and were considered part of the family, just as much as anyone else.

“I know Tsuna… I mean Vongola-san… I mean Boss…” Lambo muttered confused, a wiped a tear from his eye with his sleeve, trying to look tough.

Tsuna stacked what pieces were left of the glass onto a paper towel, then tossed the whole thing away into the trash can. I-Pin was already waiting behind him with a broom to sweep up the smaller fragments.

Tsuna patted Lambo on the head and helped the boy to his feet. “Tsuna’s fine, Lambo. You don’t have to change what you call me, no matter how old we get.”

“Yes Tsuna.” Lambo sniffled again, then attempted to smile. Tsuna smiled back.

“Dinner’s served!” Kyoko announced. The doors swung open, almost in unison with her words.

“Alright! Chow time!” Yamamoto’s voice boomed through the room. Tsuna didn’t need to turn around to recognize his voice or the voice that trailed after. “Shut up, idiot. You don’t have to announce it to the whole ba—Juudiame!”

Tsuna turned around as Gokudera cried out to him. He scratched his head nervously. “Hey guys. It’s been a while.”

“Haha, no kidding. I thought Tsuna had died of starvation in his office.” Yamamoto joked as he and Gokudera approached him.

“Don’t even joke about that, idiot!” Growled his silver haired comrade, obviously not appreciating the jest.

“I guess I do barely get out of that room though.” Tsuna said, a bit embarrassed, and moved over to the table to sit down. I-Pin spun around the table, filling plates, as he continued to speak. “I’ve just had so much on my mind, I haven’t paid enough attention to my family who’s right in front of me. I’m sorry, guys.”

Everyone in the room fell silent, even I-Pin stopped in her tracks.  Gokudera looked as if he were looking for words to say, Yamamoto looked more oblivious the normal, I-Pin and Lambo seemed to have grown a sudden visage of guilt, and Kyoko looked the other direction.

Tsuna attempted to think of something else to say, to break the silence, but Kyoko beat him to it

“It’s alright, Tsu-kun.” She said, and wrapped her arms around him softly, “We all know how you feel. We all know what’s on your mind—who’s on you mind. We know how much you miss Haru-chan, because we miss her too.”

Tsuna felt himself start to loose control, and for the first time in three years, felt his eyes overflow with tears, as he finally let out all that he had been holding in for so long.


Tsuna had gone to bed in his own room for the first time in weeks. Despite making his trip to the kitchen, he had ended up bringing his food to his room after his “breakdown”—as he would call it—and now the empty plate lay on the floor next to his bed.

He had been out for at least ten hours straight when he was awakened by the sound he was dreading, the alarm of an intruder entering the base.

On instinct, Tsuna leapt out from under his blankets, and snatched up his Vongola gloves from his bedside, and a gun, just incase, though he prayed he would never have to use it.

He had slept in his suit, something he was accustom to, so he merely pulled his clothes into shape as he raced down the halls to the monitoring room. He slid in to find Giannini and Reborn already staring at multiple screens, streaming camera images from security cameras all over the base. Four in the middle were pointed at the entrance of the base in four different directions.

“What is it? Is it the enemy?” He asked, getting right to the point.

“I’m… not sure.” Giannini said, staring sternly at the screens.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Didn’t you see anyone? Why are all the camera’s pointed at the entrance? It’s not like they just walked into the base!” Tsuna was already on edge. It was the “unlucky day” in his life, and he had only just woken up. He wasn’t in the mood for chitchat.

“That’s exactly what they did, Tsuna.” Reborn said calmly, “Now calm down. A frantic boss won’t be able to protect his family.”

Tsuna tried to swallow back his panicking. Reborn was right, he was always right. “What do we know? How did they get in here?”

Giannini turned to Tsuna in his chair, and looked his boss in the face. “If there was anyone there, they were wearing some sort of cloaking device, either that, or too small for the cameras to pick up.”

Tsuna nodded, trying to take in what he was hearing. Giannini looked at him ever sternly—there was something more.

“What I’m going to tell you now baffles me as much as it will you… but… according to a DNA scan of the intruder, it wasn’t the enemy at all.” Giannini said. Tsuna looked at him in confusion.

“It was Tsunayoshi Sawada. Boss, the scanner said it was you.”

Tsuna eyes widened in bewilderment. “Th-That’s impossible! I’m me! I mean, I was asleep! I couldn’t have—“

His words were suddenly cut off by Gokudera’s voice, shouting through the base. “Juudaime!!”

Tsuna sprinted out of the room in the direction of his right-hand man’s voice. As he got closer, he heard Gokudera shout something very weird. “Juudaime! You shrunk!”

Tsuna skidded to a stop, warped into confusion, and turned the last corner slowly. As he peered around the corner, he found Gokudera collapsed on the floor, staring forward in shock, and in front of him stood a child, no more than two feet tall. The child looked like a mirror image of Tsuna, all the way down to the unmanageable hair, just three and a half feet shorter.

“D-Did that stupid cow do this to you? I told you he was no good!” Gokudera asked, crawling towards the child, completely mystified. He obviously hadn’t noticed his boss standing behind him.

“Who’re you?” The child asked.

Gokudera stopped in his tracks, and collapsed on the floor. “Juudaime has forgotten me!” he cried.

“Gokudera-kun. I’m right here.” Tsuna said, stepping around the corner a little further. Gokudera shot up, and looked back and forth between the toddler and Tsuna. Then avoided looking at either them, trying to play off his embarrassment.

“But if that’s not you, Juudaime…” Gokudera asked, still not looking towards him, “then who’s the ki—“

“Papa!” Tsuna and Gokudera’s faces spun in the direction of the child as he ran over to Tsuna and hugged onto his leg.



This is our ‘intruder.’” Tsuna said, sounding unamused, and held up the child to show Reborn and Giannini. The child laughed, and put his arms out like he was playing airplane.

“Tsuna, I didn’t know you had a little brother.” Reborn said, “Nana and Iemitsu must be busy.” He laughed under his breath; Giannini began to snicker along with him.

“He’s not my brother!” Tsuna spat, and pulled the little boy closer to him.

Reborn and Giannini looked back to him, a bit confused. “But Boss, he does look just like you.”

Tsuna grimaced, and blushed a bit, “I know that… he says I’m his—“

“PAPA!” the child said again, as if on cue.

Reborn’s eyes widened, and Giannini’s looked as if they would pop out of his head.

Reborn shook off the shock, and walked closer to Tsuna and his self-proclaimed child. “What your name, kid?”

“Tsuyo.” The boy said with a smile.

Reborn tried not to snicker, “Even his name is the same.” He said. Tsuna grimaced again, but didn’t respond.

“And how do you know Tsuna is you’re ‘papa?’ Other then obvious likenesses.” Reborn asked. Tsuna thought about how he was never this nice to Tsuna when he was a kid—or little Lambo, for that point.

“Tsuyo knows.” The little boy said, apparently only capable of short sentences at his age, “Mama gave Tsuyo this.” Little Tsuyo dug into his pocket, and pulled out a golden, heart shaped, locket, hanging on a plain uncolored string.

Tsuna watched in curiosity as the boy fumbled with it, trying to open the locket with his short, chubby, fingers. He grimaced at it, and looked just like Tsuna again, before holding it up towards his so-called father. “Tsuyo can’t. You do it.”

“Eh? Oh, right.” Tsuna said, and shifted Tsuyo over to one arm, then took the locket with his free hand. He easily unlocked the trinket with his thumb, and softly folded it open.

On one side of the locket, was a heart shaped picture of Tsuna taken maybe five years ago, and on the other side:

“Haru…” Tsuna breathed out her name. Everyone in the room stood with a gasp, including Gokudera, who had been standing silently behind his boss the entire time.

“Ts-Tsuyo.” Tsuna stammered, “This woman. Is this your… your…”

“Mama!” Tsuyo said, with a big wide smile. Tsuna only then noticed the dimples on Tsuyo’s face, just like Haru’s, most prominent when he was happy.

Tsuna felt his knees get weak, and he fell to the ground. Tsuyo squealed out, but didn’t seem scared.

“Juudaime!” Gokudera exclaimed. Everyone started to surround him.

“He’s… He’s Haru’s, Gokudera.” He said, looking up to his right-hand man, his eyes seemed lost in wonder. “He’s mine… He’s our… son.”

“Tsuyo said that. Mama right. Papa silly.” Tsuyo said in three short sentences.

“Mama…” Tsuna mouthed those words, then said them louder, “Mama! Tsuyo, do you know where your mama is?!”

The child looked at him puzzled, then frowned.


Tsuyo had been very hungry after being discovered, so Tsuna took him to the dining hall, and they ate breakfast together. It was hard to explain it to everyone he ran into on the way, but Tsuna did the best they could. Kyoko looked on the father and son, mystified by what she was seeing.

Tsuna sat next to the boy, listening to his stories about his mother. The tales were made of short, odd statements, but made sense in the big picture, so he was careful not to miss a word.

From what he understood, Haru had brought Tsuyo to the base early that morning, before it was even light out, and left him out in front of it. Tsuna imagined she thought the boy could find his way in on instinct, and he had.

“But, Tsuyo miss Mama. Mama leave Tsuyo here. Tsuyo doesn’t know why.” The boy said sadly, and shoved his last chunk of bread into his throat. “Oh!” The toddler exclaimed, as if he’d had a revelation while chewing his bread. “Tsuyo forgot! Mama give Tsuyo this too!”

Tsuna looked on curiously, had Haru given Tsuyo another trinket? Or something odd? He remembered Haru collected a lot of odd items.

Tsuyo stuffed his hand into his back pants pocket, and pulled out a piece of paper. Tsuna eye’s widened: now he was really curious.

“Is a letter. For Papa. Tsuyo can’t read. Read loud Papa.” The boy said, and held it out to his father, who nodded, then sat back down when Tsuna took it from him.

Tsuna unfolded the paper and began to read it aloud.

“Tsuna-san. This is your son, Tsuyo. He’s two-and-a-half years old. I’m sorry I never told you. I never meant to get him messed up in this. But now we’re both in danger. I can’t protect him anymore. Please take care of him. He may have never met you, but he loves you very much…I still love you too…Haru.”

Tsuna clenched the paper tight in his hand, and tried to fight back his tears. Why were these the only kind of letters he received from the woman he loved?

Tsuyo sniffled beside Tsuna, and tried to crawl from his seat, into Tsuna’s lap. Tsuna picked him up under the arms, and moved the toddler into his lap. “Papa…” Tsuyo sniffed, “Does this mean… no more Mama?” he asked, his voice pure with childish innocence. It was the longest sentence Tsuna had heard from him yet.

Tsuna rubbed his son on the head, then wiped away Tsuyo’s tears with his thumb. “No. We’re going to bring her back.”

Tsuyo looked up to his father as if he were looking at a legendary super hero.


Tsuyo was asleep in Tsuna’s room now. Babies sure sleep a lot, Tsuna had thought, and tried to think back to see if he could remember Lambo or I-Pin sleeping right after meals.

The mafia boss trekked back into monitoring room, where Giannini and Reborn still resided. As he stepped in, he seemed to interrupt their conversation, as they both looked to him.

“Haru was here this morning. She can’t be too far from here. We can find leads. We can find her. I know we can.” He stated firmly.

Giannini and Reborn looked back at each other again, and then as if able to read each other’s minds, both nodded, then looked back to him. Reborn sighed, as if he thought he was about to walk into a minefield he hadn’t made himself.

“That probably won’t be as hard as you think.” He said. Tsuna looked at him, curious, but still firm faced. “We… have been getting transmissions from her… for two years now.”

“What?!” Tsuna shouted, “You’ve been keeping track of her?! And you never told me?!”

“Tsuna, try to understand. She ordered, even begged, us to not tell you—or anyone.” Reborn argued.

Tsuna looked away from Reborn. Truthfully, he expected this sort of thing from Reborn, but Giannini was a different story. “You knew too? And you chose to hide it from your boss?” He asked, his voice curdling with anger.

“B-Boss.” Giannini stuttered, but then looked at Tsuna sternly, “you may be our boss, but Haru-san is our queen. And I will not disobey by queens orders.”

Tsuna bit his lip, then let out a long, hard sigh. He collapsed into a nearby chair, and held his head in his hand, rubbing his temples. “Okay… then… tell me what you know. Please.”

Giannini smiled, “Yes boss!” Giannini spun his chair around to a large computer screen on the other side of the room. With a few quick clicks on the keyboard, a large map of the area appeared on the screen, with about 10 different blinking red dots on it, some dimmer then others.

“This is a map showing all the areas Haru-san has called us from in the last two years; the brighter the dot, the more recent the call. Whenever she called, she would wait for either Reborn or I to say something first, so that no one else would discover her.”

Tsuna surveyed the map. The most recent calls seemed to come from an area maybe twenty miles from the base. Had she walked from there with Tsuyo in her arms?

“They’ve all been made from pay-phones in the area.” Giannini explained, “Except…”

“Except what?” Tsuna asked, looking down to the shorter man.

“The most recent call was from a land line in a hotel. We presume that’s where she was staying. We have a recording of the call, but I warn you: you may not like it.”

Tsuna nodded without hesitation. Giannini nodded in return, and clicked a few more keys. An audio player appeared on the screen. First he heard silence, then Giannini’s voice, then Tsuna heard a voice he hadn’t heard in years.

“Giannini-san. I’m in trouble. We’re both in trouble. The enemy discovered me. They know who I am. They’re after us. I don’t know what to do. I may not be able to contact you for a while now.”

“Haru-san? What’s happening? What do you mean ‘both’ of you?” Giannini’s voice broke in.

“I can’t explain now. They’ll be here soon. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, Haru-san. Just fight! We’ll help you! Where are you?!”

Tsuna heard Haru sniffle. The sniffle she gave off when she didn’t want to say no, but she knew she had to. He felt his heart begin to break all over again, just like the day she left.

“If I die…” Haru’s voice said, “Tell Tsuna-san I’m sorry, and I lov—“

The audio box closed just as her voice stopped. “And that’s the end of the transmission…That was only six days ago now.” Giannini said.

Tsuna clenched his pant leg in his fingers. Haru was in danger, real danger, and she didn’t want them to help her. But she couldn’t fight an entire mafia family on her own, no one could. They would probably take her hostage and ask for Tsuna’s head in return for her safety. Or worse: they would just kill her to add fuel to the fire. Tsuna couldn’t bare to think of it.

The boss stood up from his seat, and grabbed a transmitter from the desk next to him, shoving it into his ear. “I’m leaving right now. Give me directions to the hotel on the way.” He said.

“B-Boss!” Giannini stammered, but Reborn cut him off.

“This isn’t time for hasty decision’s Tsuna. The enemy isn’t only after Haru, they’re after your head too. You can’t just walk out into the streets.” His tutor instructed.

Tsuna bit his lip. He knew Reborn was right. “But I have to find her. And there’s no time to waste…”

“You’re right, Tsu-kun.”

Tsuna turned to the rooms entrance, to find Kyoko standing in the doorway, boxes and containers stacked in her arms. “But you can go out as long as you don’t look like you, right?” Kyoko asked with a smile.


What was in the boxes was tons of cosmetics and make up and hair treatments—Even  some contacts. Tsuna was unaware of it, but Kyoko had been working as an artist for agents working undercover. Though she only knew some basics—hair color, eye color, and some facial differences that could be caused with cosmetics—she had helped many of his men, without him ever knowing.

After an hour of sitting in the bathroom, Tsuna looked into the mirror. He was wearing blue contacts, and a straight, black, wig over his head, as Kyoko couldn’t find a way to style the mess of hair differently. His complexion looked pinker then before too, and looking at himself, he couldn’t believe it was really him.

“Kyoko-chan, you’re amazing!” He said with a bright smile, “I don’t even recognize me.”

Kyoko smiled back at the complement, and handed him some clothes he hadn’t seen before: another way to look as though he were not himself. “Thank, Tsu-kun, but there’s no time for that. You’ve got a wife to save.”

Tsuna nodded firmly, and thanked Kyoko once more, before racing out of the room.

“I’m rooting for you two!” She called after him, then smiled cheerfully. “Good luck…”


Tsuna left the base out the front Namimori junior-high entrance, dressed in a pair of ragged, black jeans, a red shirt, with the letters “I win” printed on it in dark green, and a thick, khaki jacket. In his right and left pockets were his gloves, and in his back pocket, the gun he hoped to not use.

He listened to Giannini’s directions through the transmitter in his ear without responding, trying to look nonchalant. The hair of his wig easily covered his ears, so he didn’t worry about the enemy seeing that he was wired.

He took a bus part way of the trip, so he wouldn’t stand out by walking twenty miles in the daylight. Within an hour, he had arrived the designated hotel. He peered up at the windows he could see. There were at least eight floors, but from what he could tell, there were no closed off windows, or obvious gunshots in any of the sills. He let out a sigh.

Tsuna walked into the building and was almost instantly greeted by a small Chinese woman, with a smile plastered across her face. “Hello sir. How can I help you today?” she asked gently.

“I’m actually looking for someone that I believe stayed here recently.” He explained to her.

“Oooh, your girlfriend?” The woman teased, and lead him over to the check in desk. She squeezed behind it and pulled a large, red book off the shelf behind it.

Tsuna blushed a bit at the teasing, “My wife.” He corrected her. It felt like a million years since he had called Haru that.

“Oooh, I see. You have to treat your woman right.” She said, teasing again. He wondered if employees here were trained to be so friendly, though it verged on too friendly. “Do you know when your wife was here?”

Tsuna tried to think of a good excuse, but knew he couldn’t hesitate for long, “We had a fight about a week ago and she stormed out of the house. So probably around then.” A thought hit Tsuna’s mind, “Oh… she also took our son with her…”

“Oooh!” The woman said again, “That must have been some fight. Oh! Here we go. A young Japanese woman and a toddler were staying in room 210 for two days last week. Does that sound about right?”

“That’s gotta be her.” Tsuna nodded, “Is anyone in that room right now? I’d just like to take a look in it. She has a habit of making looking for her a game, so she may have left me a clue.”

“Oh, what a silly couple.” The woman said, and turned around, the turned back with a key, “Since you’re not staying, it can’t be long, but go right ahead. It’s the last room on the second floor. You can’t miss it.”

Tsuna took the key and nodded, then thanked the woman and ran up the stairs.

When he reached the room at the end of the hallway, he could feel his heart beating through his chest. He reached for the doorknob, hoping the room wasn’t full of scattered bodies or blood, and the hotel management had just forgotten to look.

Tsuna unlocked the door and stepped in. The room looked untouched—room service was good. He began investigating.

Tsuna looked under the bed, in dressers, in the trashcan, under desks and chairs, but found nothing. He was about to give up and leave empty handed and empty hearted, when he found something. He pulled up the edge of the TV set in the middle of the room, and peered under it. He saw something shine.

Tsuna reached under it, and pulled out a golden chain. It would have matched Tsuyo’s locket perfectly, which had only dangled on a single string. Upon pulling out the golden chain completely, he discovered a piece of paper tangled up in it. He untangled it and threw the chain to the ground, before unfolding the paper and found another note from Haru. This one was short and precise.

Tsuna-san, if you find this, I’m going towards the sunrise starting from the base.



            She hadn’t left her name on this one, but Tsuna knew it was hers. There was no doubt about it. After staring at her letter for three years, he would never forget her handwriting. He stuffed the chain and letter into his jacket pocket, and dashed out the room, locking it behind him.

            He ran past the Chinese desk girl on his way out. He dropped the key in front of her, and a check for ten thousand yen, but didn’t stop moving. Written at the bottom of the check was “Thank you.”


            “It’s hopeless for Haru now…” Said the voice of a drained mafia queen. Haru sat with her head on her knees, hiding in a little shack, in the woods outside of town. Since she had left Tsuyo at the base three days ago, she’d done nothing but run from the enemy, and she just couldn’t run anymore.

            She had somehow lost her shoes on the way, she imagined she had just kicked out of them, or forgotten them one morning because she was too busy trying not to die, and now her socks were torn up, and her feet were covered in blisters and cuts.

She had tripped and fallen on her knee on the way into the woods, and she was pretty sure it was broken. She didn’t know how she had made it this far, but now, she just couldn’t do it anymore. She didn’t want to die, not yet, but she didn’t have the strength to fight any longer.

“It’s completely hopeless…” She sighed, “Haru hid that clue too well, Tsuna-san won’t be able to find it. He won’t know where to look. If he’s even still looking for Haru…” She remembered that she used to be so jovial and optimistic, had the enemy killed that part of her? She didn’t want that part of her to die away. Tsuna loved that part of her most.

“It’ll be okay, Haru.” She said to herself, “Tsuyo is with Tsuna-kun now, so he’ll grow up to be a strong man, just like his father. And he’ll fall in love with a woman who won’t run away from everyone she loves… just to protect the kid… that she has to give back to them to protect…” Haru felt tears flow out of her eyes.

“Haru doesn’t wanna die. Haru wants to live forever with Tsuna and Tsuyo and Kyoko-chan and Lambo-chan and everyone.” She cried out.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” A rough voice, with an Italian accent, said from the door of the shack. Haru spun her head around, ready to leap to her feet and reach for her gun, but she already had a gun pointed to her head before her hand reached her weapon.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you live any longer, little miss.” The Italian assassin said to her.

Haru stared into the barrel of the gun with fearless, determined eyes. If she couldn’t fight him, she could at least escape. Even if she thought she couldn’t run anymore, she would, because she refused to die.

“You can’t kill me that easily.” She growled, and punched the man’s gun into the air. It let off a shot through the roof of the cabin, and Haru slid out the door, in between his legs, while she had a chance.

“Why you…!” The man growled. Haru was already on her feet and running.

Then man gave chase, and pulled another rifle from his back pocket; smaller then the first time, but still enough to shoot down one girl, if he could aim well.

Luckily, the man wasn’t a great long-range shooter, and the first shot was behind Haru’s ankle. He was fast though, and wasn’t wearing torn up socks.

The second shot hit the ground right between Haru’s feet, she leapt up in surprise, and managed to dodge it, but came back down on her leg with an injured knee. Pain ran up her leg and she instantly collapsed against a small boulder.

Haru clenched her leg and rived in pain. The pursuing man slowed down as he caught up. He was panting, but didn’t seem too tuckered out. He probably could have followed her for miles.

He pointed the gun to her head again, and this time, Haru looked away from the barrel. “Any last words?” the man asked.

I guess this is it. Haru thought. This is how I’m gonna die. Beaten and bruised and torn up. What would Tsuna-san say if he saw me now? …I wish I had only seen him once more…

“Yeah, I got some last words.” Haru said, and looked past the gun, past the hitman’s dark glasses, and into his eyes. “I hope Tsuna-san kill’s you’re entire damned family! You ugly bastard!”

“Why you ugly bitch!”

Haru clenched her eyes shut and the sound of a gunshot rang through her ears.


Haru heard a thump as something fell to the ground. Was that the sound of heaven’s gates? She imagined it would have sounded much prettier.

When Haru opened her eyes, she was still in the forest, her knee still hurt, her feet still hurt. She was still alive!

            She looked in front of her, and the hitman after her was lying on the ground, his head bleeding out. He was not alive. She let out a ear-shattering scream, something she never got over, no matter how many dead men she’d seen.

            “Haru! Haaaruuu!”

            Haru couldn’t believe her ears. Maybe she was dead, she must have been dreaming, but it sounded like Tsuna’s voice. Slowly she stood, and stared out towards the edge of the forest, only 20 feet away now, as a silhouette ran in her direction.


            Tsuna had seen running figures from the edge of the forest. When the smaller figure fell, the other had pulled a gun. Tsuna never took a second though on whether the smaller figure was Haru or not. He pulled his gun from his back pocket, and shot a bullet without hesitation. The large figure dropped it’s gun, and fell to the ground.

            Tsuna kept running, and began to cry Haru’s name.

She stood. He saw her stand up. She was alive. Could it really be her? Tsuna thought he was dreaming. He grabbed the wig off his head and threw it to the ground, letting his messy hair take his head back over. He pulled the contacts out of his eyes as he ran. He wanted to look like Tsuna when Haru saw him.

            She turned his way. Her right leg looked limp, she looked thinner, looked like she’d gone through hell, but she was Haru, and she was alive, and she wasn’t a dream: She was real.

            “Tsuna…sa—“ She started to whisper as Tsuna threw his arms around her and brought both of them to the ground.

            Tsuna couldn’t think of any words to say. His heart was so full now, of so many emotions he couldn’t name them, but his mind was empty.

            “Tsuna-saaaan…” Haru cried out, and wrapped her arms around him tightly, “Tsuna-san, you found me. You saved me. I didn’t think you could, but I knew you would. Haru’s not making any sense.” She sniffled and wiped her eyes against his shirt.

            “It’s alright.” Tsuna said, finally finding some words. “I found you.” He ran his hand through her hair, it had grown back out, like when they were kids. Even beaten and bruised, she was still so beautiful in his eyes.

            “Yes, you did.” She said, holding him tight. “I love you. Haru loves you so much.”

            “I love you too. I never stopped looking for you. Because I love you too much.” Tsuna said, kissing her forehead softly. Haru nuzzled her head under his chin. Tsuna smiled softly. He felt tears come down his cheeks, and for the first time in years, they were tears of happiness. Back at the case was his new son, and now he held his wife.

He realized suddenly that the day that had been the worst ever for the last three years, was finally the best day in this life. He slowly stood, and helped his wife to her feet, before picking her up and holding her like a princess.

            “Let’s go home, Haru.”







            Haru lay in the sickbay, covered in blankets, with her leg hoisted in the air. She fiddled with the golden chain on her neck, and flicked open the locket hanging on it. She had replaced Tsuna’s picture with a new photo of Tsuna holding Tsuyo. Now her two favorite boys were on one side, and she was on the other.

            Haru’s contemplation was broken by the voice of one of those boys.

            “Mama?” Tsuyo squeaked as he pushed open the door to the room with all his strength.

            Haru let the locket back onto her check and looked over to her son. “Yes, Tsuyo-kun?”

            Tsuyo smiled excitedly, and ran over to Haru’s bed. He struggled to climb up onto it. “Tsuyo wanna play with mama. Auntie Kyoko say ‘okay. Only if she awake.’ Mama awake!”

            Haru giggled softly at her son’s ever growing vocabulary, and helped him onto her lap.

            “Mama, when Papa gonna be back?” Tsuyo asked, a Haru combed his messy hair. Tsuna had left the base ten days ago, taking his best men with him. From what Haru was able to tell them, they had tracked down the Gabbiano’s main base, and had set out to take them out for good.

            “Soon, Tsuyo, anytime now. Mama’s sure of it.” She told him, and rubbed some crumbs from lunch off his cheek.

            Tsuyo looked confused, but kept smiling. “Mama loves Papa lots. And so does Tsuyo. Tsuyo wishes to be with Mama and Papa. For ever and ever.” Haru fought back some tears; Tsuyo already seemed so grown up.

            “Wish granted.”

            Tsuyo and Haru both turned they’re heads at the same time, and watched as Tsuna opened the door and walked into the room.

            “Tsuna-san!” “Papa!” The cried out in unison. Haru tried to leap up, but couldn’t move from her bed. Tsuyo leapt down from the bed and ran into Tsuna’s arms.

            “Mama was right! Papa is back!” Tsuyo said. Tsuna pecked him on the forehead, and sat in a chair beside Haru’s bed. He bent over and pecked his wife on the lips. “Yeah, I’m back. I won’t leave you guys ever again. As long as you promise you wont leave me.”

            “Papa silly. Tsuyo will never leave.” Tsuyo said, sitting in between his parents.

            “Yeah, Tsuna-san. Don’t be silly. Haru will always be here.”

            “I love you.” Said Tsuna.

            “I love LOVE you!” said Tsuyo happily.

            “Welcome home.” Said Haru.

            “Love, Tsuna.”

            In his office trashcan, sat Haru’s letter from three years ago. He wouldn’t need it anymore. He had the real thing.



If you made it this far, I want to thank you for reading!

I really loved writing this piece.

I wrote it from 10 pm to 3 am one night when I was without intetnet, wxcept for the epilogue, which I wrote the next day.

The idea started off when I wanted to write a story where Tsuna and Haru had a child, but also a story with a strong willed Haru, because I feel like she hasn’t been portrayed as strong as she used to be in more recent chapters.

I really love how this fic came out, and I hope you did too. If you liked it, please leave a comment/review (mattering what your reading this).

There won’t be a sequel though, its only a one-shot.

And again, thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you again.

(btw: Kudo’s if you know what Gabbiano is without using a dictionary)

[Fanfic] Maximum Ride: Not Like Brothers

Title: Not Like Brothers
Pairing: IggyGazzy
Rating: Teen for Gay and Possible pedophilia (cept not, they're both minors)
Summary: Iggy and Gazzy hide a secret from the rest of the flock (I SUCK AT SUMMARIES D: )

I do not own Maximum Ride in any way shape or form. James Patterson is my hero. I wish her were MY dad.
This fanfic is Igzzy! IGGYXGAZZY! If you don’t like this pairing, please don’t read it and then comment/review telling me I’m sick and disgusting and probably a pedo. I’m already quite aware.
However, you can red it and tell me “omg this is like, the best pairing ever” –shot-
Ahem –bullet pops out of skull- with no further ado, the fanfic.¬¬¬

The Gasman’s diamond-blue eyes set on the figure flying towards him. He could spot Iggy’s strawberry-blonde hair out from any crowd, and from any scenery. In this case, over a woody canyon, towards the back side of a cliff, maybe 2 miles away from the rest of the flock.
Iggy’s shirt blew up a bit, as he landed in front of his young flock-mate and pulled in his wings. Even without sight, he could pinpoint Gazzy just from the sound of his breath, or his teeth chattering in the wind, and sometimes, when it was quiet enough, from the beat of his little bird-kid heart.
“What is it?” Iggy asked, as his ran a hand through his hair to reshape it after the wind had shuffled it.
Gazzy looked back and forth sternly, “Is anyone around?” he asked quietly, as if someone was in hearing distance.
“No. I already scanned the whole area.” Iggy answered. He of course meant with his excellent hearing, and not his non-existent sight.
“Okay.” Gazzy said, “Good.” Then with a hop and a short flap of his wings, leapt up and wrapped his arms around Iggy’s neck and pressed their lips together.
Iggy made no initial response, other then to hold Gazzy up by the waist so he wasn’t hanging from his neck, and once Gazzy was, Iggy tilted his head slightly and kissed his little friend back.
This wasn’t the first time they kissed, in fact, Iggy couldn’t remember how or when it had started, but he soon found that Gazzy was more to him then just a “flock mate”. He loved Gazzy. Not like he would love a brother, but how Fang loved Max.
He remembered one night he had woken up while Fang was on watch duty. He could hear Max sitting with him at the entrance of the cave they had crashed in for the night. He could hear every mumble they whispered to each other, and every kiss they shared. He had felt embarrassed listening, but couldn’t sleep until Max had left to rest her head.
Gazzy pushed away from Iggy and bumped noses with him in the process. He looked Iggy in the eyes, a habit he couldn’t shake, even if Iggy couldn’t really look back. “What’s up? You thinking about something?” he asked, and wrapped his legs around Iggy’s waist to hold himself up.
Iggy groaned a bit, trying to think of an excuse. He didn’t want to have Gazzy eavesdropping on the couple the way he had. “Nothing… Important.”
“Yeah right.” Gazzy groaned, “you just don’t wanna tell me because I’m just a kid.”
“Or because you stink.” Iggy joked. Gazzy laughed and a big smile smeared across his face. He wrapped his arms around Iggy and hugged him tight.
“I love you, Iggy.”
He said that, but Iggy wondered if he really understood it.

“Where have you and Gazzy been going off to lately?”
Iggy turned his head back, to look back to the dark haired bird-kid addressing him. “Nowhere.” He told Fang, and hung his legs off over the side of the cliff.
Iggy was on lookout, it was probably past midnight, and he thought everyone else was asleep, but Fang had appeared out of nowhere, like usual, and started pestering him.
“Gazzy’s just a kid you know. You don’t want to get weird ideas into his head at that age.” Fang told him, it sounded almost like a lecture.
Weird ideas? Did Fang already know? Iggy looked back and acted clueless, “What are you talking about, Fang? What kind of ideas do you think I’d put ‘in his head?’”
Fang sighed. He walked over and sat down next to Iggy, scanned the area to make sure no one was in earshot.
“Look, I know it’s kind of lonely. And we’re at that age and all. But… if you have to you know… jerk off. Don’t take Gazzy. He’s too young for that stuff.”
Jerk off?!” Is that what he thinks?! Iggy was a bit disgusted. “What the hell, Fang?! You sound like you’re trying to be my dad or something! It’s totally not that. Now go to bed!” he snarled, and turned away from Fang entirely, unfurling his wings so Fang couldn’t get closer.
Fang sighed, mumbled something that Iggy didn’t bother to catch, and then slinked back into the cave as quietly as he had exited.

Iggy was still on watch an hour later. What Fang had told him was still echoing in his head. He had been wrong about what the two of them had been doing, but he was right about one thing. The Gasman was just a kid.
Gazzy said he loved him, but he was probably too young to even understand what he was saying. Gazzy could have loved Iggy like a brother. The same way he loved Angel, his little sister.
But brothers didn’t kiss. Brothers didn’t hold each other the way he wanted to hold Gazzy. Brothers didn’t think about each other every waking moment.
Iggy remembered holding Gazzy earlier that day. He weighed so little, maybe half as much as Iggy. He was eight years old, almost half his age, and he was about half his height too. Gazzy was so small in so many ways. He was much to small to understand what either of them thought they were feeling.
Iggy pulled up his knees and rested his head in them. He sighed heavily, and thought he was going to start tearing up, when he heard a voice behind him.
“But he does understand.”
Iggy didn’t need to turn his head to recognize the voice of “sweet little Angel”—the mind reader.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about Angel. Go back to bed.” He told her, without bothering to listen to a word.
“But I know aaaall about it.” Angel said deviously and crouched down beside him. “About how much you and Gazzy loooove each other~”
Iggy spun around and nearly shouted, “H-How—“
“Oh c’mon. Gazzy’s head is like an open book.” She said, and shook her head a bit. “Besides, you’ve been thinking so loudly you woke me up.”
“…sorry.” Iggy mumbled, and turned his head away, a bit embarrassed.
“But you’re wrong. My brother really does love you.” Angel told him. Iggy turned to question her, but she hopped to her feet and continued. “He may be small, but he’s my big brother, and he’s got a big heart--Bigger then his wingspan; Bigger then your wingspan; Bigger then all six of our wingspans combined.” She stretched he arms out to illustrate, but then pulled them back when she remembered her audience couldn’t see.
“And that’s how big his love for you is too.” Angel smiled coyly.
Iggy was left a little speechless. He knew Nudge was a talkative little drama queen, but he didn’t realize Angel had a little drama princess in her too. He sat his chin down in his knees again, and rocked it back and forth, thinking over what she said.
Little Angel giggled—her work here was done. “I better go back to sleep before Max wakes up. Her shift starts in about thirty minutes.” She reminded him, then tiptoed back into the cave.
Iggy stared silently out to the stars he dreamed of seeing.

The sun was just barely rising when Iggy awoke. He peered over to the entrance of the cave: Max had fallen asleep during her watch shift. Some leader she was. But he knew how sensitive her ears were, so he knew he had to be quiet. As quiet as Fang.
He tiptoed across the cave to The Gasman, and shook the little blonde boy softly. Gazzy’s sleepy eyes barely creased open to look at him. Iggy put a finger to the little guy’s lips before he could speak.
Iggy carried Gazzy over to the cave entrance to keep his clumsy child feet from tripping and causing a disturbance, then silently lifted off, and flew to their hiding place from the day before.
Iggy landed, and sat down, laying the sleepy Gasman in his lap.
“What is it, Iggy?” Gazzy asked sheepishly, batting his big eyes halfway open.
“Nothing. I just wanted to see you is all.” Iggy said, and ran a hand over Gazzy’s naturally messy hair. Gazzy smiled softly, and snuggled his head against Iggy’s stomach, then quickly drifted back to sleep.

Better think of an excuse. FAST!
Iggy leapt awake at the sound of Angel’s voice in his head. Gazzy must have heard it too, as he had leapt to his knees and was looking around wildly for his little sister.
Crap. Iggy had meant to be back at the cave before the others woke up, but he had drifted off to sleep with Gazzy, and now it was too late. The five other bird kids were already within eyesight. He did need an excuse. But he just didn’t have one.
“What were you guys thinking, leaving by yourselves? What if something happened?!” Max was the first to chime in.
Angel already looked worried. Fang was giving Iggy a “what did I tell you?” glare, which was obviously useless in this situation.
“W-we weren’t by ourselves! We were with each other. Iggy was with me and I was with Iggy!” Gazzy started spewing out words to cover their tracks. Though it so far wasn’t very helpful.
“You know that’s not what she means.” Said Fang. “Why did you guys leave without waking any of us up? What did you have to do that just included you two.”
“Nothing! We just… we tired of the cave… and…” Gazzy looked at Iggy with a worried face he couldn’t read, but could feel. Iggy was being awfully quiet. Gazzy looked to Angel, he could tell by her expression she was going to butt in with something, but he was worried she’d say something they’d all regret.
Gazzy tried again. “We just—“
“We just wanted to be together.” Iggy finally spoke up.
Nudge took this as a chance to chime in. “But you guys are always together. You fly right next to each other, you tell jokes together, play pranks on each other, make disgusting bodily—“
“We didn’t want to be with you guys, just me and Iggy… because… ‘cause…”
“’Cause I’m in love with Gazzy. Okay?!” Iggy interrupted, practically shouting, and pulled Gazzy close. Gazzy face glowed a bit red.
“And I love Iggy too!” he tried to shout, but seemed too embarrassed.
Nudge covered her mouth shut for once and blushed with nothing more then a little squeak.
“You guys can’t be in love with each other!” Max spouted, apparently not buying the excuse, despite the clear blush over both of the boys’ faces. “You’re both bo—“
“Both boys?!” Angel interrupted, flying in between Max and the two blonde boys on the cliff. “So what?! You and Fang are both weird bird kids. Total and Akila are both dogs. Why can’t two boys be in love too?” she argued.
“You know that’s not what I mean, Sweety.” Max said to Angel, trying to calm Angel and herself down at the same time.
“It is too! Gazzy and Iggy are no different then you and Fang. They’ve always loved each other.” Angel snarled again, putting on her spoiled brat demeanor.
“You knew about this?” Fang asked her.
Angel opened her mouth and shut it again and looked away, breaking her furious eye contact. “You know me… I hear things. And feel things. And when those two run away together, even when they’re miles away, I can still feel them. Feel their love. It’s the same as what I feel from you and Fang…”
Silence set through the group, no one looked at each other, except Nudge, who seemed to want to say something, but couldn’t find eye contact with anyone to listen to her.
“Um…” Nudge started, trying to bring attention before she opened her chatterbox, “I… I think it’s pretty sweet. I mean, these two do everything together. They play pranks and fly and…” Everyone was now staring at her with glazed expressions, hoping she would get to the point. “Um… what I mean to say is… Why not you know, love together too? It’s like sharing cookies, but your heart instead. Except you probably don’t like, break them in half, because that would be the opposite of love.”
Max sighed and smiled. “Fine. You guys have me convinced. I won’t bother you anymore…” she said, then turned to Iggy and Gazzy. The latter had another huge smile smeared across his face. “But no more running off without telling anyone. If something happened, we’d have no idea where you went off to. Maybe we’ll try to get some walky-talkies or something. I don’t know. This is too much for this early in the morning. I’m gonna sleep for a few more hours… “ Max’s voice trailed off and she flew away. Fang followed her without so much as a look back to Iggy or Gazzy, and Nudge giggled a bit and followed too. Angel left last, after sending a thumbs up Gazzy’s way, matched by a wink from her brother.
Once the rest of the flock was out of view again, the two boys stayed quiet, then blushed, and then broke out into laughter. They bonked head s couple times, which only heighten the laughter, then after they caught their breath, tapped their noses together before lightly pecking at each other’s lips.


A couple days later, Iggy was basking in a tree in the sunlight when he heard a flutter below him. Nudge popped up over the branch and hung her arms over it. She stared at him silently.
“…If you want to say something, just say it. I can feel your eyes drilling into my skull.” Iggy growled.
“Ah… ummm…” Nudge searched for her words. “You know you two can’t have kids, right?”
“Whaaa---!!” Iggy shouted fell from the branch. “What the heck, Nudge?!”

Was it any good?
I just want to say that I wrote this entire fic between 10pm - 12 am when I couldn’t sleep. Except when I say “wrote”, I actually just thought of it. Word for word. Quote for quote.
I typed it from 12 – 2, then woke up at 7 the next morning. (or at least I hope to. It’s actually 2 am right now)
I’m terribly sorry if anyone’s totally OoC. It was 12 am. Seriously.
This is just how it played out in my head. For the exception of when Angel mentioned him, he just didn’t appear. I don’t know why. I love that dog though.
So anyway. This is my favorite pairing of the Max Fandom. I obviously don’t mind FangxMax either, but all my fics in my head with them are so angsty, I’d rather blow up my computer then type them.
So. Um. If you enjoyed. Review/Comment, mattering where you read this.
And thanks!
Btw, this is a total one shot. Don’t ask me to continue it. I won’t.

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aaah! i just really wanted to make an icon of shouichi on lambo's head!

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

comments and credit are loved <3
if you'd like me to pull out any characters from that big poster like i did with these two for you, just ask =D

Reborn Music Doodle Meme

So, i made up a Meme to pass the time while counting down to my B-day (btw, it's my b-day now! CB )
It was kinda based off the drabble meme. These are the instructions

1. divide 3 papers in quarters like so (if working traditionally)
2. put you music player on shuffle
3. Start doodling from the start to end of the song.
4. No skipping songs.
5. No going back to a doodle once it's song has ended!
6. Post the image, song, artist, and maybe a comment for each.
7. 12 songs total.

and a comment from me~
I did all of these in like 2-5 minutes, so that means NO refs, and NO attention to anatomy~ theres ur warning fo the doodleyness

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45 icons [34 MR//11 KHR]

I got bored again and decided to do some more icon
from Reborn and the Maximum Ride manhwa



Maximum Ride


i own none of the art here! =D
Maximum Ride are is by NaRae Lee, and I grabbed most of it from her blog. Go buy the first volume of the manhwa to get the address >D

any credit is cool
i do these when i get bored, so they're not quite professional work
but if theres anything you'd like me to make an icon of, go ahead and tell me! I'll have something to do next time I'm bored =D

Reborn Icon Post

I saw the new adorable merch of yesasia and I want icons nuts =D
(no Lambo tho ;A; )


comments are loved <3
credits cool too
all images from

Reborn Music Drabble Meme

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing/Characters: 8059 (YamaGoku), 2786 (TsuHaru), LamboxI-Pin
Rating: G-PG
Notes: This looked like fun, but all I did was realize i suck at drabbles >x>

Reborn Music Drabble Meme

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

1) Sakurairo Kaze – Kyou no go no ni [LamboxI-pin]

“Kimi wa dare da boku wa Lambo~” Lambo sang, walking down the street, waving his cow tail with every step. He was headed towards Tsuna’s munching on candy the whole way.
“Eh! Lambo!” He heard above him. The little cow kid looked up to see a small red dressed child falling towards him. Lambo began scurrying about frantically, but fell to the ground when I-Pin landed on top of him.
“I-Pin! Where did you come from?! You can fly?!” Lambo squealed.
The Chinese child stared at him confused, then smiled a tiny smile. “No…”

2) All I want is you – Beat Crusaders [2786-ish]

Haru sat on the front steps of Tsuna’s house quietly, sniffling quietly to herself. Only 5 minutes ago had she been inside with Tsuna, when he’d thrown her off of his shoulder that she was clung to, and been told by him, “Haru! I told you! I like Kyoko! Stop clinging to me like this!”
Tsuna didn’t mean it to break her heart so, but it had.

3) Chousai Kenbo Sengen – Kyouran Kozaku Nikki [Haru, Tsuna, Gokudera]

“Tsuna-san! Tsuna-san!” Haru squealed out as she slammed open the door to Tsuna’s room.
“H-Haru! What are you wearing?!” Tsina cried.
Haru stood in his doorway wearing a sailor fuku uniform with a short pink skirt, a pair of knee high pink boots, and a pair of white gloves. Her Hair was put up in a pair of ridiculous pony tails, with some triangular buns.
“It’s cosplay!” Haru squealed, “I bought one for Tsuna too!” Haru heald a clothes hanger with a matching outfit forr Tsuna, except in blue.
Gokudera stared at the costume from across the table and his face turned blue “Juudaime will not be wearing that! EVER!”
“Hahi… would gokudera to prefer to?’

4) You’ll Have to Face the Future – Scrubs [5927-ish]
Tsuna stood nside a hospital, the smell of antiseptics flused his nose. In the room behind him, his right hand man and best friend lay covered up on a hospital bed. IVs dripping into his arm through tubes.
Tsuna stood quietly outside, not knowing what to do or say.
Gokudera’s doctor stepped out of the room. He looked upon Tsuna. “Are you a friend?”
Tsuna nodded shyly.
“He’s awakened.”

5) Love Discord – Beat Crusaders [8059]

Gokudera sat under a cherry blossom tree. He gave a sigh as he rubbed out his cigerette butt into a root of the tree. There was nothing to do without Tsuna around.
The sound of footsteps caught his attention, and he turned to see Yamamoto takeshi walking towards him; signature grin planted on his face; waving excitedly. Gokudera sighed so hard it sounded like a growl.
Yamamoto sat down next to the silver haired wonder, grinning still.
“What do you want, baseball idiot?” Gokudera asked annoyed.
Yamamoto laughed, “I liked it better when you called me Takeshi last night.”
Gokudera blushed angrily, and turned his head away, refusing to be swayed by Yamamoto’s words. “Whatever.”

6) Once Upon a Time in Now York City – Oliver and Company [8059]

The sound of pain pelted Yamamoto’s ears from outside the window. He sat on his couch, flipping through a magazine, the TV on a random challenge, merely as background noise. There was again, nothing to do.
“Oi! Takeshi! You’ve got a friend here!” His father called up to him. Yamamoto sat up rather confused. Who would come out to his place in the rain.
The black haired boy trampled down the stairs, and turned to see a soaking wet Gokudera Hayato in the doorway. “Gokudera?” he exclaimed as he scurried over to the boy. ‘What are you doing here? You’re soaked.”
Gokudera stayed quiet, and waited until Yamamoto’s father was out of hearing range, before his wrapped his arms around the taller boy with a wimper. “I love you…”

7) Romeo and Juliet – Toy Box [2786]

Haru clung onto Tsuna’s arm happily, as the strutted through a park together. She couldn’t stop giggling to herself. Her eyes were squinched shut with excitement. “Are we there yet? Ne Tsuna-san? Ne?” she asked constantly.
“A little further Haru. Don’t peak” The chesnut haired boy told her. Haru nodded excitedly.
“Okay, here we are.” Tsuna said, you can look now. Haru opened her eyes to see a tiny house, with a sigh hung outside the door. “Mika’s bakery.”
“Waaai! A cake shop!” Haru squealed.
“Happy birthday haru”
8) The Time Has Come – Pokémon [8059]

Yamamoto held Gokudera’s hand tightly in his hand. He was staring at the ground, not saying a word.
“Come on Yamamoto, it’s only for a year.” Gokudera prodded.
“A years a long time…” Yamamoto said quietly.
Just last week has Gokudera told yamamoto he was going back to Italy for a year, since there was news of his Mother appearing. Whether it was her or her ghost, Gokudera was going
“I don’t want you to leave…” the black haired boy wimpered as tears hit the floor or the airport.

9) Welcome UNKNOWN – Haruhi Suzumiya Girls [Tsuna, kinda 2786]

“Go go go Tsuna-san!!” Haru screamed from the sidelines, leaping up and down and waving cheerleader pom-poms, wearing a bright red cheer uniform with a tiny skirt. Where she had found it Tsuna would never know.
He would also never know how he had ended up playing left field in one of Yamamoto’s games.
“Tsuna!” Yamamoto’s voice caught his attention and he looked up as a ball flew through the sky and hit his left eye. “Hii!” he squealed as he fellt o the ground. Everything went black for a moment.
When he awake, Haru was leaning over him with a worried face. He was on a bench on the sideline…

10) Mou Sukoshi Mou Sukoshi – Midori Days [2786]

Flip flops sat on the ground beneath Haru’s feet, as she kicked them p and down boredly, looking up every couple seconds. She was dressed in a short polkadotted dress and wearing a pink pearl necklace. She had her hair up in a bun complete with pink chopsticks.
Haru sighed. Tsuna was late. Again. He enevr made it to their dates on time. She wondered if he was even serious about her.
The sound of rushed footsteps rumbled behid her, and Haru looked up. Turning her head, she could see Tsuna fumblig donw the street towards her. He stopped in front of her to catch his breathe.
“Sorry *gasp I’m late”
Haru tried to smile, but couldn’t manage to. She hugged onto the boy in ftont of her. “Haru-chan loves you, Tsuna-san. Don’t you love Haru?” she wimpered.
“……of coerse”

*snuffles back cold*